Saturday, 10 December 2011


Domestic Violence is not just a battle in the lives of married couples but it does exist even in boy and girl friend relationship just as we heard about the girl that was Butchered to death in Lekki Lagos by her boy friend and i can go on and on with similar stories . For how long shall we continue to remain in silence and say nothing about  this act that sounds so simple  yet deadly .This same Domestic Violence  Uche Jombo has been standing against as she portrayed in her movie Damage has claimed the lives of so many and still counting

 There couldn’t have been any better month for our divalicious Diva Uche Jombo to take this message to the US than the Domestic Violence awareness month and she said onething that drew my attention in this video and promted me to write this piece “ITS TIME TO STOP THE DAMAGE”. I totally agree with her but What about you out there reading this piece? WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?
Nice one Uche Jombo and as for me, I am solidly behind you. I will continue to support this course with you and I know that this message will go beyond this generation.


  1. love you always uche
    keep the flag flying

  2. Keep da gud work goin UJ,am solidly behind U*..lOve U*...

  3. Without domestic violence, the world would certainly be a better place to live. However, the same domestic violence pay my bills. You can now see the reason why I will certainly not support its demise. Provided those who are caught in the act are prosecuted. Then that would be a fifty fifty share. Remember, most lawyers make a living from criminality.

  4. Mr Akatakpo i am ver sure you have never lost a family memeber in this kind of situation thats why you are sounding the way you are but pray you or any member of your family ends up a victim