Thursday, 29 December 2011


If there is one thing you can never take away from Uche Jombo any day any time is her simplicity and the fact that she is  down to earth and always ready to drop the fame cap just to let you the ordinary man out there in the street know  that between you and her, we are all humans and no discrimination. I couldn't  stop watchin this video seeing how she humbled her self, Dropped her fame cap and decided to party with her  team  . What other way could any celebrity be so real to the people that look up to her?

It was a nice one on the part of TEAM UCHEJOMBO knowing their Diva wasn't going to be in town on her birthday, came up with this amazing idea of actually carrying out an Operation Punk Uche Jombo Birthday Party and luckily for them, they succeeded. What better way to end the year putting a smile on some one's face.
 Nice one guys and I know Uche Jombo is Proud of you all and will surely treasure this for a long time

Sunday, 25 December 2011


  It was an amazing time for our Diva Uche Jombo as she recieved a surprise birthday party courtsey of THETEAMUCHEJOMBO.
Because she was scheduled to travel before her birthday and  wasnt going to be around the team went behind her back to organise a surprise birthday party. When everything was set and ready,Rukky Sanda pulled the strings and brought Uche Jombo down stairs with the reason that she had a visitor but unknown to Uche, she was being punked. The amazing thing was that the team did put off all the lights leading to the living room so when she got to the living room, the lights automatically came on  and voila it was the team singing Happy Birthday Song. Uche Jombo was speechless for about a minute. It was a fun filled night as the Diva was extremely happy and truely proud of her Wonderful Team. At the end of the party Uche Jombo said "YOU GUYS GOT ME ON THIS ONE BECOS IT WASN'T MY BIRTHDAY YET" but the bottom line remains that she has been punked.Thumbs up to the teamuchejombo and a big THANK YOU to RUKKY SANDA
 If you wanna catch the exclusive video,Be here on the 28th of December which is her Real birthday. You read this gist first and exclusive at

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

 Chinedu Ikedieze is certainly  a great force to be reckoned with in Nollywood.He recently got married and alot of celebrities came out to show their love and support to this cool handsome dude. My own divalicious Diva Uche Jombo as you all know certainly wasn't left out as she rocked three beautiful out fits for this single  Occassion  from the Tradition marriage to the white Wedding in church then to the Reception. She try no be small. 

But come to think of it, this Old school dress she wore to church is indeed looking churchy.


This Blog is solely dedicated to Uche Jombo so when you come to this blog, its all about Uche Jombo and this is where we are not haters but the only thing that exist is solely Love. 
I am dedicating this poem to Uche Jombo cos I believe every super star has a story to tell and when ever they come out to speak to upcoming ones, they have words like this to say and funny enough i have heard her say words close to this so when reading this, Consider that it is Uche Jombo her self encouraging you concerning that dream or vision of who you want to become. ENJOY!!!!!!!

The price of fame is not a Game
Believe and stand for your dreams cos you don’t need to be ashame
Stay focused to remain on the lane
A little more time they will know your name
Do your best and leave God do the rest
No matter the stress, don’t settle for less
You need not fear cos you’ve been blessed
The things you go through is just a test
When you have the vision, Run with ambition
Attach it all with determination
Cos the road is not straight, it can frustrate and also humiliate
But that doesn’t mean you should try to deviate
For after that is the golden Gate
You have to reject and also project against everything that will bring regret
We are all stars in the making and believe me someday we will make it
                                                       If only we are ready to pay the Price of Fame

Sunday, 11 December 2011

 Its been a great year so far for our Divalicious Diva UCHE JOMBO  as she has graced different events from  the premiere of her own movie DAMAGE  within and outside the country  to the premiere of Holding Hope  etc but the bottom line is, she rocked beautiful outfits this year that were breath taking .I must confess every time she stepped out to the red carpet, she looked amazing and I really love the gold and black dress  she wore at the premiere of DAMAGE in HOUSTON. WHICH OF THESE OUTFIT DO YOU THINK UCHE JOMBO LOVES  MOST? A gift awaits the winner

Saturday, 10 December 2011


Domestic Violence is not just a battle in the lives of married couples but it does exist even in boy and girl friend relationship just as we heard about the girl that was Butchered to death in Lekki Lagos by her boy friend and i can go on and on with similar stories . For how long shall we continue to remain in silence and say nothing about  this act that sounds so simple  yet deadly .This same Domestic Violence  Uche Jombo has been standing against as she portrayed in her movie Damage has claimed the lives of so many and still counting

 There couldn’t have been any better month for our divalicious Diva Uche Jombo to take this message to the US than the Domestic Violence awareness month and she said onething that drew my attention in this video and promted me to write this piece “ITS TIME TO STOP THE DAMAGE”. I totally agree with her but What about you out there reading this piece? WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?
Nice one Uche Jombo and as for me, I am solidly behind you. I will continue to support this course with you and I know that this message will go beyond this generation.