Wednesday, 21 December 2011


This Blog is solely dedicated to Uche Jombo so when you come to this blog, its all about Uche Jombo and this is where we are not haters but the only thing that exist is solely Love. 
I am dedicating this poem to Uche Jombo cos I believe every super star has a story to tell and when ever they come out to speak to upcoming ones, they have words like this to say and funny enough i have heard her say words close to this so when reading this, Consider that it is Uche Jombo her self encouraging you concerning that dream or vision of who you want to become. ENJOY!!!!!!!

The price of fame is not a Game
Believe and stand for your dreams cos you don’t need to be ashame
Stay focused to remain on the lane
A little more time they will know your name
Do your best and leave God do the rest
No matter the stress, don’t settle for less
You need not fear cos you’ve been blessed
The things you go through is just a test
When you have the vision, Run with ambition
Attach it all with determination
Cos the road is not straight, it can frustrate and also humiliate
But that doesn’t mean you should try to deviate
For after that is the golden Gate
You have to reject and also project against everything that will bring regret
We are all stars in the making and believe me someday we will make it
                                                       If only we are ready to pay the Price of Fame

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