Sunday, 25 December 2011


  It was an amazing time for our Diva Uche Jombo as she recieved a surprise birthday party courtsey of THETEAMUCHEJOMBO.
Because she was scheduled to travel before her birthday and  wasnt going to be around the team went behind her back to organise a surprise birthday party. When everything was set and ready,Rukky Sanda pulled the strings and brought Uche Jombo down stairs with the reason that she had a visitor but unknown to Uche, she was being punked. The amazing thing was that the team did put off all the lights leading to the living room so when she got to the living room, the lights automatically came on  and voila it was the team singing Happy Birthday Song. Uche Jombo was speechless for about a minute. It was a fun filled night as the Diva was extremely happy and truely proud of her Wonderful Team. At the end of the party Uche Jombo said "YOU GUYS GOT ME ON THIS ONE BECOS IT WASN'T MY BIRTHDAY YET" but the bottom line remains that she has been punked.Thumbs up to the teamuchejombo and a big THANK YOU to RUKKY SANDA
 If you wanna catch the exclusive video,Be here on the 28th of December which is her Real birthday. You read this gist first and exclusive at


  1. Hahahahahahaha that was amazing...hahahaha ma u got punk..thanks TUJ N Rukky....happy early bday ma..luv u plenty...

  2. Rukky Sandra or Rukky Sanda?

  3. I love this blog! Nice job teamuchejombo and about time too.toomuch hate going on with blogs and working actors