Tuesday, 24 April 2012


While other Nollywood celebrities were having a nice time at the Amaa awards, our very own Ghanaian actor Van Vicker was in the hands of SSS. Hey before you start thinking too fast, he didn’t commit any crime

Apparently I had a phone call conversation with him all the way in Ghana and this is what he had to say.
He got some Prop guns from America which he wants to use in his up coming movie titled FOREST from the stable of  Sky+ Orange Production which is Van Vickers very own Production  and it will starr Stella Damasus , Nana Ama from Ghana, Mc Brown from Ghanna as well and a host of others. It will be directed by Van Vicker him self and Its actually an Action Adventure Movie. What else do you expect from an Action Adventure movie? Prop Guns ofcourse. Lol . I cant wait for this movie and im gonna keep taps on it

These same prop guns are used in American movies and Van Vicker has reached a point in his career where he feels it is only fair for him to have prop guns that appears as real as possible in his movie After passing through all security checks, he entered the plane and while in the plane his attention was needed as to the content that was in his luggage. When he identified that they were prop guns, the security  persons at the airport said they have to get their experts at ikoyi to check these prop guns and that’s how Van Vicker Landed at the SSS office in Ikoyi where he passed the night.

After all said and done, he couldn’t be released that same night because the SSS boss wasn’t around but when the SSS Boss came in the morning, he explained his own side of the story but he was told the guns still needs to be checked. In the end, the  Boss says he could go but without the prop guns but while everything was going on, he was in communication with Nollywood actress uche Jombo on bb. He also gave her the address to the SSS office but because the Amaa awards finished late, Uche Jombo couldn’t make it so she stepped in on Monday morning to meet with Van at the SSS office. She also called the attention of a bigger boss she knows into the case.

Though Van Vicker is back to Ghana without his prop guns and was told to call later on, Uche Jombo says she will keep taps on the case until his prop guns are released back to him.

I know when to it comes to action in Movies, Uche Jombo sure Delivers but even in real life, trust me so long as you are innocent, you will never know the bigger bosses she knows until situations like this occur . Did I just say that? Yea I did  Lol

But my take on this case is this. Prop guns na Prop Guns. I know these guys were doing their Job but they are security agents and should know a gun when it is real or not

Secondly, if he was allowed to go because they believe it is not real guns, why were his prop guns not released to him? He needs to film


  1. Nice one uche. Weldone

  2. Well its always good to have good friends because in times of trouble, they will be there for you

  3. True friends is what we all need. Thanks Uche and Van you are a great actor

  4. Nice one uche and Van dont worry all will be fine

  5. Thanks uche for being there for him. Van hope you are doing great?

  6. job well done uche and God bless you for that