Wednesday, 20 June 2012


When it comes to bringing out good movies, Emem Isong has over the years not dissapointed at all and this time she is coming out with another flick Titled MRS SOMEBODY staring uche Jombo, Yemi Blaz and Kenneth  (Ex Mr Nigeria).
This movie from the poster kinda makes me imagine how beautiful uche Jombo looked in her wedding gown on her Wedding Day. Awwwww... even though there's been alot of doubts in the hearts of so many fans and beefers concerning her Marriage because they havent seen pictures, i will leave you guys to keep guessing and i must say  Emem Isong culdnt have choosen a better time to bring out this movie than Now. NICE one Emem

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  1. Emem Isong is doing great and i hope to watch this movie