Sunday, 4 September 2011

The Girl With An Awesome Heart

first i want to blog about places and people i meet as i pass along, i once knew of a girl with an awesome heart, laughed a lot and was generally a happy person, if you come close enough to know the real her you will go away with a smile and one thought only...she was close to perfection, cared about others, i know this because she changed my life, this girl is truly a blessing to those close to her so i worry about her lately,what this "life" she has choosen is doing to that laugh..i worry because i love her and i like her drive towards everything she puts her heart to do. My only prayer is ..dear God don't change anything about this wonderful person, she is many things to lots of people, an actress, executive producer, writer, brand icon,Diva,friend,sister,enemy,daughter,imperfect me she is that one person i know without having in life, it will not be the same, there are far too many blogs hating so i will blog about loving this person,you know her as uche jombo, some even change the name to uche jumbo     i call her the girl with an awesome heart simple. ucheobi jessica nnenne jombo....this one is for you. teamUJ loves you.i say thank you for all your support and kindness towards us.God will continue to bless you.

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